Sunday, February 22, 2009

collected in the net

collected in the net, originally uploaded by spapax.

Fruits of olive are collected in the net that covers the whole area under the trees.

A series of photos describing the production of olive oil, from collecting olives to the final product.

Today I had the opportunity to see the whole process of olive-oil making. Hope you like this.

curtained window

curtained window, originally uploaded by petros.L.



Moonlight, originally uploaded by Nik Zach.

Shipwreck ...Etc...Lakonia

Took this picture the other week when I was in Gythio, it is from the same boat but with more detail in the cabin……EXPLORED Feb. 7, 2009. # 174

Βασιλίτσα Σμίξη

i finally got yaa !

i finally got yaa !, originally uploaded by iliasamos.

Golden Fields (RP)

Golden Fields (RP), originally uploaded by Θετίδιο.

Προς δόξαν Θεού