Saturday, January 10, 2009


ΑΘΗΝΑ-ATHENS, originally uploaded by violeta meleti.

Arahova, Parnassos mountain

A few miles from Arahova village, one of the most famous winter resorts in Greece

I used to live there

I used to live there, originally uploaded by sa1mag.

Naoussa Paros

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aristi, originally uploaded by takis zervoulakos.

zagori.epirus 2006.hasselblad 150mm reala 100 fuji


Rom, originally uploaded by Thomai Pavlidou.


Melomakarouna, originally uploaded by agelakis.

These are like biscuits but they are soaked with honey, hence their name Melomakarouna (the first half means honey, the second half, I never figured out why it is like that :P ). They are usually made also during Christmas and New Year time! Also, my mother usually puts pieces of nuts on the top, usually almond or walnut pieces. They are delicious :)