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Panagia Vlahernon, Corfu

Panagia Vlahernon, Corfu, originally uploaded by Ava Babili.

Monastery of Panagia Vlahernon, 17th century

Old boat, Corfu

Old boat, Corfu, originally uploaded by Ava Babili.

Pontikonisi, Corfu

Pontikonisi, Corfu, originally uploaded by Ava Babili.

The island named Pontikonisi (Greek meaning "mouse island") although small is very green with many trees, and the highest natural point, (not counting the trees or man made structures such as the monastery), is about 2 m. Pontikonisi is home of the monastery of Pantokrator (11th or 12th century). It is the white stone staircase of the Monastery that when viewed from afar gives the impression of a (mouse) tail that gave the island its name: Mouse island.


Goodnight., originally uploaded by Gabba Gabba Hey!.

Athens, Greece.

Crete, Arkadi

Crete, Arkadi, originally uploaded by Nikosp!.

The famous Temple of Crete where in the start of the 18th century many Cretans self exploded not to be captured or slauthered by the Turks.


Diamonds, originally uploaded by Wolfgang Staudt.

Elafonisi ist ein kleine Insel am südwestlichen Zipfel der Mittelmeerinsel Kreta (Griechenland). Der Name bedeutet "Hirsch-Insel". Sie liegt in der Gemeinde Innachori der Präfektur Chania, etwa 15 Kilometer südwestlich des Gemeindesitzes Elos.

Ι.Μ Προδρόμου

Ι.Μ Προδρόμου, originally uploaded by katsg333.

Ι.Μ Προδρόμου.
Ορεινή Αρκαδία-Γορτυνία.

Chortiatis (Greece)

Chortiatis (Greece), originally uploaded by Stathis Chatzistathis.

Red Green Blue

Red Green Blue, originally uploaded by Wolfgang Staudt.

Plakias ist ein kleiner, aber touristisch bedeutsamer Ort an der Südküste der griechischen Insel Kreta. Er gehört zur Gemeinde Finikas in der Präfektur Rethymno. Die Anzahl dauerhafter Einwohner beläuft sich auf ca. 450 (Volkszählung 2001). Noch in der Volkszählung des Jahres 1961 wurde Plakias erwähnt als Wohnort von nur sechs Fischerfamilien.

Cyclades Mill

Cyclades Mill, originally uploaded by Wolfgang Staudt.

The Cyclades are a Greek island group in the Aegean Sea, south-east of the mainland of Greece; and an administrative prefecture of Greece. They are one of the island groups which constitute the Aegean archipelago. The name refers to the islands around (κυκλάς) the sacred island of Delos.

Elafina, Profitis Ilias - Rhodes Greece

It was the summer residence of the Italian conquerers of the island over a hundrend years ago. It is up on a mountain full of pine trees and with a panoramic view to the sea far below. This is only the left side of the building. It's name was Elafina which means the female deer. The other building of the complex is Elafos which is renovated recently and turned into a hotel.


Blues, originally uploaded by Wolfgang Staudt.

Elafonisi ist ein kleine Insel am südwestlichen Zipfel der Mittelmeerinsel Kreta (Griechenland). Der Name bedeutet "Hirsch-Insel". Sie liegt in der Gemeinde Innachori der Präfektur Chania, etwa 15 Kilometer südwestlich des Gemeindesitzes Elos.

Rio-Antirio bridge, Peloponnesus

Rio-Antirio bridge, Peloponnesus, originally uploaded by Pika.

Ikaria 231

Ikaria 231, originally uploaded by isl_gr.


Εδώ ας σταθώ. Κι ας δω κ' εγώ την φύσι λίγο.


Corridor, originally uploaded by Andreas C[Y].

Stoa Attalou in Athens! A reconstruction of an ancient building! Thats where the signing for the 10 new EU members took place!

Keramoti Kavala - Greece

Keramoti Kavala - Greece, originally uploaded by pantherinia_hd.

Κεραμωτή Καβάλα - Νοέμβριος 2006

Impressive Sunset View from Samothraki Island,Greece

Σαμοθράκη , Ελλάδα

Cats love fisheye 1.

Cats love fisheye 1., originally uploaded by Gabba Gabba Hey!.

Aegina, Greece.

Her temple

Her temple, originally uploaded by Andreas C[Y].

The Parthenon (ancient Greek: Παρθενών) was a temple of Athena, built in the 5th century BC on the Acropolis of Athens. It is considered the most famous surviving building of ancient Greece, and has been praised as the finest achievement of Greek architecture. Its decorative sculptures are considered one of the high points of Greek art. The Parthenon is an enduring symbol of Ancient Greece and of Athenian democracy. It is regarded as one of the world's greatest cultural monuments(from Wikipedia).

Here I have to say that the Greek Governement, the Greek nation and all moral people wishes for the return of the Elgin marbles(or Parthenon marbles) to Greece! Two-thirds of the Parthenon frieze is in British Museum in London and only a third remains in Athens. The British museum as well as the British Governemnt for years refuses the return of the marbles to the real owner!

Illustrating the civilizations, myths and religions that flourished in Greece over a period of more than 1,000 years, the Acropolis, the site of four of the greatest masterpieces of classical Greek art – the Parthenon, the Propylaea, the Erechtheum and the Temple of Athena Nike – can be seen as symbolizing the idea of world heritage(Unesco World Heritage)


Limnos, originally uploaded by silvi@.

Voda i kamen - Ελλάδα

Voda i kamen - Ελλάδα, originally uploaded by Vlasta R..

Aegean Passages

Aegean Passages, originally uploaded by blueph0enix.

Οία, Σαντορίνη, Ελλάδα
(Oia, Santorini, Greece)

Angel Statue

Angel Statue, originally uploaded by marcelgermain.

A statue in the National Garden of Athens (Greece).

Una estàtua del Jardí Nacional d'Atenes (Grècia).

Ένα άγαλμα στον Εθνικό Κήπο της Αθήνας (Ελλάδα).

Boat in Crystal Waters, See you In Crete :)

Loutro , Crete , Greece


Bell, originally uploaded by ThomasDalosis.


Peristera, originally uploaded by ThomasDalosis.


IMG_2424, originally uploaded by pauljsolomon.

Across the Valley

Across the Valley, originally uploaded by pauljsolomon.


IMG_2425, originally uploaded by pauljsolomon.

Far Out!

Far Out!, originally uploaded by pauljsolomon.

Nice View

Nice View, originally uploaded by pauljsolomon.

Old Church

Old Church, originally uploaded by pauljsolomon.

Near Kymi, Greece

Tied up for a while...

Rich reflections on poor sea

The masts of sailboats as reflected in Mikrolimano port, Piraeus, Greece on a sunny January afternoon.


Ksilofournos, originally uploaded by Λεωνίδας.

Brothers ?

Brothers ?, originally uploaded by Paterdimakis.

ekso apo tin porta

ekso apo tin porta, originally uploaded by zotosi.

Frozen Nature

Frozen Nature, originally uploaded by NikosT.


Akrivos, originally uploaded by volos.


LEFKADA, originally uploaded by volos.

Porto katsiki