Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Ugly Duckling

...has turned into a beautiful swan


Portara!, originally uploaded by Sophoulino.

Oia by night

Oia by night, originally uploaded by marcelgermain.

Moon over the Acropolis

Moon over the Acropolis, originally uploaded by Left Foot.

The full moon over the Acropolis. For some bizarre reason, the powers that be (that light) have decided that the green hues are only going to be visible for a few minutes. Afterward, the entire structure is bathed in the orange light. Shame. I like the contrast between the colors.

Boat, in Sami

Boat, in Sami, originally uploaded by BB33FR.

Agora - Detail

Agora - Detail, originally uploaded by Ava Babili.

A curving promenade of 99 tubular steel arches. Architect Santiago CALATRAVA


narcissus, originally uploaded by sellig.

a seagull trying to break the ice that divides him from his meal

Dark cloud gathering

Breaking the day
No point running
'Cause it's coming your way